Top 5 Facts on World Poverty

World poverty is a problem that is seemingly impossible for us to solve. But why is it such a terrible problem to begin with? Some people might not be able to relate very well to the problem because they have always been blessed with a good life with enough to sustain them (or more), so when they hear about the problem of poverty they find it hard to empathize.

So maybe this post about the top 5 facts on world poverty will help enlighten a few people and help them to gain a bit more empathy. Here are a few things about the world’s problem on poverty.

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The Connection Between Poverty and Crime

I regularly volunteer at a homeless shelter, giving out food and blankets and helping out with the poor. Along with my time and experience, I also donate money to the organization to help them keep operating. I have made friends with a number of people there, especially regulars who are in a tight spot.

One day, one of my closest friends came up to me, asking me for help. He was in trouble with the police and was in the middle of a criminal investigation. He was accused of benefit fraud, for allegedly faking his information in order to receive housing benefit, despite being homeless.

He told me that he was innocent, and that he needed help finding a trusted criminal defence lawyer. I believed him, and said that I will help him find a good solicitor to represent him.


I referred him to Stuart Miller Solicitors, whom he called up and hired for his case. He used his own savings to hire them, because he still had a job despite being homeless.

Luckily for him, Stuart Miller Solicitors pushed through for him – they were able to prove his innocence by helping the police discover that it was actually my friend’s former landlord who had faked the documents for housing benefits. He was using my friend’s name despite evicting him several months ago.

While I am glad that my friend’s innocence was proven thanks to Stuart Miller Solicitor’s excellent work, I cannot help but think of how poverty educationis so interconnected with crime. Some people are not as resilient as my friend, and will resort to poverty due to desperation.

Some people simply have no other choice. So why is it that poverty is so interconnected with crime? Here are some theories:

Lack of Education

Among the poorer populations, education is hard to come by. In other countries where free education is unavailable, the problem is even worse.

Poverty is linked to a lack of education due to a number of factors – some young people have to quit school early in order to make a living, while others simply cannot afford to go to school.

Lack of education often leads to ignorance of the law as well – some people simply are not aware of the law and break them in the process.

Wealth and inequality

In areas where the gap between the rich and the poor are so great, inequality often leads to crime. If wealth is openly displayed and flaunted, feelings of bitterness and envy could push the poor into a life of crime. Robbery and theft are the most common crimes that result out of the display of wealth and inequality.


Depression and desperation

Many individuals who are pushed to the brink because of poverty will resort to crime due to desperation. They have no other choice, and if they are to survive, they often have no other choice but to commit a crime.

Poverty also leads to increased levels of depression, which in turn may lead to drug use. Drug fueled crime is a big problem even in countries like the UK.

If we could eliminate poverty in our society, many researchers agree that crime will also likely go down. Satisfaction with life, dignity, and equality go a long way in preventing crime.


How Poverty Affects The Health of The Entire Family

BeggingPoverty is one of the world’s biggest problems. It has been for a very long time and it still is today. It is a pervasive issue that many politicians and humanitarians have debated on for ages, and with good reason. For some reason, despite all of our best efforts (not just ours but the world over!), we just can’t seem to get rid of the problem of world poverty. But before we even begin to work on that problem, we should at first try to address the issue within our own borders.

I can’t say that I have ever lived a life of poverty. I have been fortunate enough to have never had to worry about losing the roof over my head.

However I have seen many who suffer…and I can see that it affects entire families. Most obviously, it affects their health.

How does poverty affect a family’s health, you ask? Well… here’s how.

People Living in Poverty Have Little Choice with FoodBegging for FoodDespite the fact that those who are unemployed or getting by on a low income in the UK get benefits to aid them, it is often that these people don’t get much choice what food they eat. This is because they have to make do with what they can afford, or if not, then they have to make do with what they are given at the food banks. And as a result…

MalnutritionMalnourished ChildThe first thing that happens of course is malnutrition. Depending on what the family is able to eat, the malnutrition can range from slight to quite severe. This can result in an unhealthy appearance—dark circles under the eyes, brittle nails, easily breakable hair, dull skin and hair…

But what most people don’t know is that it can also cause…

ObesityObesity ProblemI often hear the comment “if they’re so poor, then why are they so fat?” from people who have simply no clue why obesity is often linked to poverty. Here’s a quick explanation: people who live in poverty have no choice what they eat, or if they do, then they have very little choice. Often they get what they can afford or what they are given.

So if they can only get their hands on the cheapest food, most often that will mean it is processed, with all sorts of additives and preservatives. Often those processed foods are loaded with sugar and with fat. This sort of food often has little to no nutritional value. And it’s alright to eat once in a while, but eat it with regularity…and obesity is one of the most common outcomes (apart from a host of other problems).

Pets are Affected TooMalnourished Pet DogPets are extensions of families and believe it or not… their health gets affected by poverty too. They too get dull coats and dry noses. If the family can’t afford wet and dry pet food, then often the pets will have to make do with the same food that the family does.

So again… poverty is an issue that needs to be addressed. Or at the very least, unemployment (and underemployment) should be an issue that should be addressed. Families deserve to be able to eat properly and at least be able to maintain decent health.